Site is a Go!

I can honestly say when I set out on this adventure that I did not expect to start a site like this! I’m still getting on my feet with the whole self-publishing deal, even though I’ve been researching it for months and months. Starting this site makes me feel even closer than before to realizing my goal of seeing a story of mine in print! [Well, on screen so… in pixels?]

It feels so long ago that I was sitting in the bathtub after my husband and daughter had long since gone to bed, thinking to myself, “You know, if a show you watched and loved as a teenager can be rebooted and realize a truer form twenty years after it first aired, then maybe you can reboot that story you have had knocking around in your head since High School.

A very rough, and very silly story had sprung into my brain while sitting around bored as hell in Econ class after a test. I had a map sheet in front of me and scribbled an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and suddenly a crude idea of Atlantis was born.

I carried it around with me for fourteen years. During that time I had shared my idea with people I thought were friends; instead they ended up sticking their ideas into my story and co-opted it against my protests. It became this murky, delusional thing where people I did not know were inserting themselves into a world they had no right to be in. Ten years later and I have long since broken ties with those people and I have decided to revisit and revamp my original, base idea of Atlantis in the hopes that it can finally become the story I always knew it could be!

Now it’s six months later, and not only do I have the third draft of the story complete and submitted to beta readers, but I have all the artwork done for volume one–and the rough outline of plot for three more volumes! This is more than I thought would be possible in six months time, and I just feel like…

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