Character Profiles

Atlantis has a wide variety of characters–some are friendly, some are mysterious; others are dangerous and only interested in their own goals. Read about your favorites here!


Name: Achine

Age: 18
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Grey

Description: A girl in her senior year of high school who gets good grades but doesn’t have any friends. She enjoys swimming, reading, eating good food, animation, comics, cats, and painting.


Name: Abbus I’nass

Age: ???
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red

Description: His official title is The Royal Mage, but most people refer to him as “The Mage” or for closer companions, I’nass. He has been at the castle for as long as anyone can remember. Due to his pointed ears and failure to age, many suspect he is part Faekin, an ancient Atlantian race that disappeared hundreds of years ago. He is aloof, and prefers to keep to himself.

Commander Li

Name: Aramas Li

Age: 58
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown

Description: Commander of the Royal Guard as well as former Knight Protector to the late Oki, Li is a stern, burly man who doesn’t take any guff. Though known for his skills in battle and for being tough as nails regarding his men, he is very jovial and enjoys a good drink and a good joke as well as the next man. Many call him the Red Bear, a nickname that causes him a moderate amount of embarrassment.


Name: Temaius Eruni

Age: 19
Hair: Black
Eyes: Violet

Description: A mercenary sorceress, she has traveled the countryside collecting bounties and taking various jobs. She has a very inflated view of her own skill, often referring to herself using words like “famous” and “prodigy”. She is difficult to work with, and a loner by nature, but she is immensely loyal and not afraid to fight for the things she believes in. Unfortunately those things are often food and money. She prefers fire magic, and threatens to set things on fire when she is angry.


Name: Raminia Gialasa

Age: 18
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Description: A shy girl who prefers to be called “Gia”, Gialasa runs the Grand Tower Library in Cerraine. She lives there with her two younger sisters. In addition to being the Librarian, she is also Keeper of the Cycle, a title she inherited from her father along with the Library when he passed. She has never seen herself as having time for anything other than raising her sisters and running the library, so she has no friends, and little contact with people beside patrons–one of whom is I’nass. Due to this, she has confusing feelings about the Royal Mage, and people often accuse her of being infatuated with him.


Name: L’Anagin Varanis

Age: 19
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Description: A Royal Knight who entered the Castle employ at an early age and was taken under Commander Li’s wing. He works hard, and is highly skilled, causing the other knights to refer to him as Li’s Protege, which he despises. He is known for taking his work too seriously, and judges people harshly. His blunt nature is often mistaken for arrogance, and he will be the first to admit that he is “bad at people”.


Name: C’hloa Bremik

Age: 26
Hair: Sandy Blonde
Eyes: Green

Description: Known as Healer Bremik, he is the head physician and surgeon at Castle Atlantis. He uses a variety of alchemical and natural methods to bring people back to full health–and make sure they stay that way.


Name: Aderiun Tera

Age: 23
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Eyes: Gold

Description: Handmaiden to Achine, she is a sharp-tongued and no-nonsense woman. She becomes protective of Achine very quickly, seeing her as a younger sister. Beneath her tough exterior lies a woman who is very sensitive and steadfast–someone who will have your back in a fight!


Name: Terelo Visalia

Age: 18
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Violet

Description: The other handmaiden to Achine. She took the position at Castle Atlantis in order to get out of her small coastal town, and does not regret it. She is a little shy at first, but once she opens up she can be a bit of a chatterbox. She has a small birthmark on the inside of her wrist that vaguely resembles a musical note. Her friends call her Vis.


Name: Chaku Mika

Age: 9
Hair: Black
Eyes: Light Brown

Description: A young boy who came to the castle along with his brother, seeking asylum. They are the last two living members of the Wolfkin Clan Chaku, which was extinguished after poachers attacked.


Name: Sylphwind Idane

Age: ???
Hair: White
Eyes: Gold

Description: A cartographer Eruni and Varanis met when traveling through the Reidell Forest. She is a serious person, but seems out of touch with what is going on around her. She has a Solaria named Fia, and is in the forest in search of friend who recently went missing.

Empress Karia

Name: Kenta Absian-Tarai Kariaulla

Age: 25
Hair: Aqua (dyed)
Eyes: Gold

Description: Known as Empress Karia to her subordinates, this descendant of the infamous Iron Hand Kenta has managed to unite the Rebels banished to Denarossia, and is beginning to build an army to take on the castle. Her goal is to claim the throne, which she feels is rightfully hers.


Name: Kurotsul

Age: ???
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue

Description: A mage in Karia’s employ who specializes in shadow magic. He craves power despite an injury that has weakened his abilities. His goal is to surpass even the Royal Mage. He despises weakness, especially in himself.


Name: Delilah

Age: ???
Hair: Pale Blonde
Eyes: Hazel

Description: After Kurotsul saved her from drowning, she became his faithful servant. She craves attention, and hates to feel like she is being ignored. She has issues with her memory due to her brush with death, and forgets many important things. She is attracted to Kurotsul, and makes no show of hiding it, much to his displeasure. She is a sorceress of mediocre skill.


Name: Tonreil Ineria

Age: 24
Hair: Dark Green (dyed)
Eyes: Gold

Description: She is the leader of the bandit gang The Happy Helpers. She is a Rebel by birth, but sees herself as having transcended that label. She is against the monarchy, and wishes to see it overthrown in her lifetime–something she thinks might happen due to the former Oki passing away without an heir. Unlike most Bosses, she has her own moral code, and cares for her men, offering them a fair share of the profits from their pillaging. This tactic made The Happy Helpers’ ranks swell quickly after she founded it. Despite wanting to free Atlantis from monarch rule, she also wants to be known as Ineria The Bandit Queen.


Name: Makiri Lavil

Age: 32
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Green

Description: A marksman who joined The Happy Helpers after they murdered the Boss of his former bandit gang. He is handsome, charismatic, and likes the company of both a pretty woman and a stiff drink. His roguish nature causes him to disappear for several days at a time after a job–which irritates Ineria–but he is a good at what he does, which is why he is the second-in-command of The Happy Helpers.


Name: Burnett

Age: 44
Hair: None
Eyes: Brown

Description: A member of The Happy Helpers. He is a large man, and prefers hand to hand combat. He rarely speaks, and has a fondness for clove sticks.


Name: Ivory

Age: 18
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Description: A spellcaster with a sharp tongue and a brusque disposition. She is rarely seen apart from Burnett, and does not handle change well.


Name: Sage

Age: 20
Hair: Magenta (dyed)
Eyes: Green

Description: A young girl who is reliable and fights well, which leads her to going on jobs with Ineria quite often. She has a tendency to talk a bit too much, though.