Saturdays Are For Stupidity

I decided to add a progress bar to the footer of this site to help keep me focused. It’s nice for me to see a visual representation of how close the current volume is to completion, and I would imagine it’s comforting for people eagerly awaiting that volume to see that I am working on it!

[Progress bar code from I wanted to make my own. I really did. But I am somewhat lazy and this one was so easy to set up…]

I haven’t been writing much this week due to being on painkillers, [I had a minor procedure on my leg; I won’t gross you out with the details. I’m fine!] which is what got me to thinking about progress, meters, and words-per-day count. I also have to admit there were times where I looked at the blank page and went, “Screw this, I’d rather sleep.” This went on for the past several weeks due somewhat to being stressed out, and also due to my daughter having Roseola. [The majority of my writing is done after my daughter is asleep, unless the husband is home. Sick kid=no sleep, which turns into sick kid=no writing.] Then there was the painful thing with my leg that I had to get fixed and… the word count went negative, ha ha.

Now that both she and I are well again I’ve been trying to make up for lost time, but at the same time trying to not let the quality of my writing go down. [Meaning I’m doing a lot of on-the-spot editing, which slows me anyway so… I should rethink that.] Though I am happy to report that I wrote a whole chapter yesterday!

Unfortunately, all I want to do today is draw and take a nap.


I proclaim today officially a fail. Maybe tomorrow will be better…

3 thoughts on “Saturdays Are For Stupidity

  1. I can relate to this so much! I’d never install a progress bar though, because it would just be staring at me, reminding me of all the targets I haven’t met! :-/

    1. There is something about the progress bar that calls to me like poorly written erotica: “Take me higher! Fill me up to 100%~!”
      I didn’t use one for the first book because things weren’t so crazy in my life and I had time to write. Now I have to make time or I give myself excuses to slack. [I seriously need to hand the kid to my husband on his next day off and go to the local tea place. Last time I was there I wrote like 16k words in an afternoon. I was on fire AND I got to have a taro smoothie. Win-win. :D]

      *stares at progress bar*

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