About Light Novels

What is a “Light Novel”?

Answer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light_novel

Why Did You Choose This Format?

I chose the Light Novel format even though it is not very familiar to readers in the US because I like the combination of story interspersed with manga-style illustrations. I hope it takes off in the future, because it’s a wonderful medium once you get used to your books having pictures in them again! [Or your comics having a ton of dialogue, ha ha!]

As you can guess, I am a fan of animation and comics. Some of my favorite all-time series are Sailor Moon, Batman: The Animated Series, Fushigi Yuugi, Magic Knights Rayearth, Outlaw Star, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Rocket Girls. More recent favorites are Adventure Time, Toradora!, Log Horizon, Garo, and Rage of Bahamut: Genesis. I also have a thing for the comic character Deadpool, but I couldn’t exactly tell you why. I guess I just have a strange, dark sense of humor.

Rocket Girls was the series that led me to discover Light Novels, as the anime was originally created from one. Since then I found out that many of the series I enjoy now were adapted from these novels–which often started out being self-published! That combined with the recent revamp of the Sailor Moon franchise got me to thinking about a premise I came up with in high school, and made me wonder if I could retool it into a plausible, enjoyable story. Hopefully I have done this with my Atlantis: TVC novels!