Love is a Rainbow

I’ve always loved rainbows.

Especially in cake form…

Of course if you ask me my favorite specific color, it will be blue, pink, or silver, in varying degrees depending on my mood that day, but a beautiful spectrum will trump that anytime. [You’ve all seen this website, right? Rainbows since day zero, ha ha!]

I woke up yesterday to discover that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality, and my heart sang for all those people who could come together in the same way my husband and I did, and receive all the benefits that the law allowed married couples.

I’ve always empathized with same sex couples who wanted to get married but couldn’t; my husband is Chinese, and we were both fortunate to be born long after anti-miscegenation laws were repealed in 1967. If we had come of age before that, it wouldn’t have been legal for us to get married. I can’t imagine having a government official tell us that our love and commitment to one another was invalid in the eyes of the law, [even illegal in some places!] especially when we’ve been together the longest of most people we know–our own parents included. If two people are in love and of age to consent, it’s what is in their hearts that counts–their sexual preference should matter as little as the color of their skin.

We don’t live in a perfect world. I don’t believe we ever will, as humanity is flawed in and of itself. But any time that we collectively do something that is a large step in the right direction is a cause for celebration. I am so pleased that I was able to see this happen in my lifetime, and that my children will now be able to grow up and marry whomever they want, in the same obliviousness that I was lucky to grow up in. rainbow

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