It’s Been a While…

Time to conquer… myself!

I first of all would like to apologize for the hiatus. [Again.]

The pandemic and medical issues completely kicked my butt—over the past two years I have practically lived in doctor’s offices and the hospital. So needless to say, not a whole lot of writing of any kind was done.

Well, I mean, I kind of outlined part of the next installment of Feline Warriors but not quite. I did draw a few pictures, and made a lot of sketches. But mostly, my body tried to kill me. Again. Some more. Still?

I keep hoping I am turning a corner, but I keep rounding that bend and running into a new wall to scale.

Recently though, I did an illustration for a charity AnimeLit anthology [between hospital stints no less!] and despite being too sick to write anything at the time submissions were requested, that seemed to rekindle something in me to write. It’s this vague, inspired feeling, but it has no focus. Feline Warriors is ready for its next arc, Atlantis: TVC just finished its first major story arc, and I had a few ideas floating around for other series; but I am just not that prolific of a writer. [I envy those who can crank out cohesive stories. I really do. I have SO many ideas for things and they just crash around in my brain all day and only about a third make it to a form outside my head.]

So instead, I sketched some more. Because I am bad at forcing myself to do things now that I am older. My daughter was recently diagnosed as having ADHD and I see a lot of those symptoms in myself. And having been introduced to the concept of Executive Dysfunction? Holy cow does it explain a lot of my brain’s BS over the years!

Me neither!

I will try to do better in keeping you all updated on here—no matter what happens. But in the meantime, hopefully I can kick a few short stories out of my head and warm up to jump back into the swing of things while the inspiration is there! [Despite it being ephemeral at best. Why can’t it be a solid desire to work on one thing?]

If all else fails I guess I could post some sketches? I’ll also keep y’all updated on the anthology if you’re interested—there are some great stories in there and the proceeds go to charity!

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