Uh, About That…

So I went to submit the final edition of Atlantis: TVC #1 a few days ago, and uh, submitted an old test draft on accident.

Lilo is just one of my spirit animals…

I didn’t realize it until Sunday night when I went to check things over before today’s launch, and opened up the preview. I hurriedly re-submitted the final version on the spot, but I don’t know if every retailer updated or not.

Please keep this in mind if you end up getting the screwed up version. I swear I know the difference between my it’s and its. *dies*

[You should be able to update it if you get the messed up version by re-downloading it from whichever retailer you purchased the book from.]

Well, That’s Embarrassing…

Since this is my first foray into self-publishing, I’ve naturally been doing a lot of research on the subject. I’ve read everything from articles to make the details of my story more believable–like metallurgy and sword fighting, to advice on things that affect the look of the finished product–such as how to not make a cover that will make people’s eyes bleed, and how to format a document for conversion to an e-book. [Also to prevent eye bleed.]

Admittedly, I overlooked one huge problem, and I did not realize it until it was almost too late!

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