Finish Line

I have so much good news to report!

For starters, we found a place to live! We move in the second week of September.

Because of this my mood improved, and I stated writing like a person possessed–so much that I finished the book yesterday! The first draft of Atlantis: TVC Volume #2 is now complete!

I made homemade sushi for dinner last night in celebration! I was planning to make it at some point this week–which is why I had the ingredients on hand–but tonight seemed like as good a time as any. So now full of sushi, I sit and… wait.

Yeah. I Wait.

After I finish the first draft I let it sit for at least a week before I go back for edits. Any sooner than that and I’m too close to having written it. I need to look at it with fresh eyes, so that any inconsistencies, misspellings, wonky grammar, or lost words jump right out at me.

So I can shoot them in the face. [Hell yes, Michael.]
Until then I will have no idea what to do with myself. We’re living in a dining room, so I can’t start the artwork aspect yet, and I don’t typically start it until after second edits in case a scene gets cut. Plus I don’t want to plunge into Volume #3 quite yet in case edits change bits of the story.

So until then… free time. Sort of. What’s that like?

If you need me, I’ll be in the corner with my 3DS, beating the snot out of some monsters using weapons made from bits of other monsters.

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