Feline Warriors Volume 1 is GO!

The pre-order was announced today, so it’s official!

I am so excited that the adventures of Blue Caracal and her crew are now available for everyone to enjoy. It was such a trip to write! [and revisit, and rewrite.] I even got back into 90s music while working on it–that’s how hard the nostalgia hit me!

If you want to pre-order it, click this link. If you want to wait for the dead tree version, it’s due to release shortly after the e-book releases on June 4th.

Speaking of dead trees, the paperback versions of the first three Atlantis: TVC books were announced today as well! I have a copy of each volume in my hands–and guys–it feels so amazing. I mean, digital copies were great but these just have so much weight. They came out fantastic.

Now that the release is over, I can get back to working on volume 2 of Feline Warriors. However, I won’t lie–I am probably gonna take a vacation first. [Because I have so much laundry to do! Seriously, life is just laundry over and over until you die or it dies.]

If you don’t hear from me, assume the laundry won.

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