Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating it today! I hope you have lots of yummy food, and make lots of happy memories~


My husband doesn’t like brown sugar in the sweet potatoes so I had to sprinkle it on mine after plating…

When we get back from visiting family, I’m going to be digging my desktop out of the closet and setting it up again. This will most likely mean more pictures, since it’s three times the computer my laptop is. [Sorry Lappytop.]  But it will also mean I can play computer games again, which may or may not be a good thing…

I also have the beginnings of a short story knocking around in my head, so you might see that soon as well. For now I am enjoying the hiatus and spending some quality time building cities in Simcity 4. Very relaxing! Hopefully your holidays will be relaxing as well. rainbow

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